At So Fla Angling Co., the aim is to provide anglers of all skill levels a multitude of opportunities and experiences towards the chase of their desired target species. I will be more than privileged to accommodate and guide you toward your pursuits. Wether it be a grand slam, or targeting a specific species of bonefish, permit or tarpon or even bringing home the meat; So Fla Angling Co is ready, willing and able. No matter your desired speed; So Fla Angling Co is determined to get  you there.

*Catch and release is always practiced with inshore species, no exceptions.

About the captain

Capt. Jason Fernandez is a first generation fishing guide who's passion for fishing was instilled early on and grew exponentially to spawn So Fla Angling Co.. Born in February of 1986, a pieces by nature; Capt. Fernandez couldn't stay away from the water or even less, fish. His father and uncles only fueled the passion as years passed. Wether it was freshwater bass fishing or off shore trolling and drift fishing from Miami to the Middle Keys, Capt. was all for it. As time and maturity progressed, so did the interest to pursue gamefish and the allure of the sport to stalk trophies on light or fly tackle with the team work it requires. Since late 2012 Capt. Fernandez has been a student to the inshore fishery and the exciting challenges that come with it. The off-shore arena has its own set of demands as well. Wether it be running and gunning, high-speed trolling or live baiting/chunking; its all required for success. As a person that enjoys having others achieve their goals and no stranger to hard work and perseverance, Capt. Fernandez is sure to go above and beyond to guide you towards your pursuits. 


    what is provided

  • Fly and light tackle outfits/Off-Shore rods and reels of various weights for current conditions and targeted species.

  • All tackle: Leaders, flies, tippets, hooks, baits (live or artificial).

  • Appropriate Licensing.

  • Rain Gear.

  • Sun Protection.

  • Cooler (Ice and Water)


  • Desired food and beverages to accommodate time on the water.

  • Polarized Glasses.

  • Light full length clothes for sun protection.

  • Optimistic Attitude.